Taking the Steps to Ensure You’re Hurricane Ready

Creating an Emergency Kit for Hurricane Season   If Betsy, Camille, Andrew, Ike, Rita, Gustav and Katrina aren’t the names of your precious grandchildren, then you probably see what direction we are heading here!  Hurricane season is officially underway, and the active months are just around the corner.  Taking a couple of hours to “ready […]

Tips for Traveling with Seniors

Things You Should Know Before You Go   People travel for all kinds of reasons.  Most often, travel is directly correlated with vacation, or pleasure!  We travel to explore new places, try new things, and immerse ourselves in a culture many worlds away, often gaining a new appreciation and understanding for how others live.  Sometimes […]

Fat Tuesday is a Holiday, Not a Lifestyle:

Daily Tips for Preventing Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Down in the Bayou State, Laissez les bon Temps Rouler is usually synonymous with indulging in good food and drinks.  The area is known for classic treats like beignets, boudin, kingcakes, and even boudin kingcakes.  Hank Williams sings about jambalaya, crawfish pie, and filet gumbo when […]

Senior Citizen Population in Louisiana

According to World Population Review, Louisiana’s population has steadily increased over the past decade, reaching over 4.6 million in 2020, an annual rise of 0.75%.  Louisiana has also recorded an uptick in the senior population, with its median age surpassing the national average. According to a recent report, nearly 35% of Louisiana’s population is above […]

“Have a Good Day!”

          Do you ever find yourself setting your expectations too high?  Are you guilty of striving for greatness, when in reality, “good” is all you need?  Is your calendar overflowing with appointments, to-do lists, and overwhelming or irrelevant tasks?  It is important to find ways to simplify your daily activities and highlight the simple joys […]

He’s One of the Good Ones

Celebrating Father’s Day When Dad Has Dementia Father’s Day activities may look a bit different when you’re the caregiver, but it doesn’t mean Dad can’t be honored and celebrated in a meaningful way, even if he isn’t aware of what is going on.  When planning your special day, it is important to keep in mind […]