Long-Term Care Insurance in New Orleans LA

NOLA @ Home Care specializes in helping clients who have long-term care insurance policies for non-medical senior home care. We are fully insured and licensed through the Louisiana Department of Health which qualifies us to work for insurance providers.  As a proud provider to dozens of insurance companies and the Veterans Administration we can assist you with all aspects from setting up care to navigating the claims process/requirements.  

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Many people feel that health insurance will pay for a person’s long-term care needs when they can no longer take care of themselves without help. Unfortunately, your general health insurance rarely covers the cost of long-term home care.  In-home care is a form of care for your health but we focus on assisting our clients with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) versus physician-based medical care.  Because of this, many consumers are choosing to invest in long-term care insurance earlier in life to help offset the cost of home care or the cost of care in a facility.

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC) is unlike health insurance because it covers long-term personal care. To remain living in your home you may need help with “Activities of Daily Living”.  ADLs are tasks such as bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, and other functions a person needs to do on a daily basis to stay healthy. This is where long-term care insurance comes in, LTC insurance will help pay for you to have assistance in your home to help with ADLs and much more.  More than 70% of long-term insurance policies are used for in home care and that number is expected to increase due to Covid-19.

If you have LTC insurance it is important to have a good understanding of your policy requirement and limits.  LTC insurance is sold nationally by dozens of different major insurance providers and while most policies have similarities, some also have unique eligibility requirements.  Many policies we have worked with require a designated timeline to pass from the time the claim is submitted to the time the insured is eligible to file a claim.  We have seen this policy timeline extend as far as 100 days.  This means that you are not able to submit a claim for reimbursement until that initial waiting period has expired.  Care is generally not covered during that period which is why it is important to be proactive about filing the initial claim to ensure you maximize the benefit that you have paid for.   

Which LTC Insurance Providers Do We Work With?

We work with all forms of Long-Term Care Insurance.  We are an approved vendor for many of insurance providers already and have a strong working knowledge of assisting families with the claim filing and approval process.  Our experienced office staff has worked directly with dozens of insurance providers and are happy to utilize our experience to ensure an efficient claims process.  We also have a detailed working knowledge of most insurance companies initial filing process, and we are more than happy to offer any assistance regardless of what part of the claims process you are in.   

Another great feature we offer to support the claims process is our time and attendance software which allows us to build a customized reporting tool for your specific policy requirements.  Before care has started, we take a proactive approach and communicate with your provider to learn the specific claims submission process.  These conversations are a great way to ensure a seamless claim information reporting process in the future. 

Most policies have required information that needs to accompany the invoice.  Generally, the required information will include care notes detailing what care was performed during each shift.  We customize our software to document the services rendered during each shift.  Each week we can send the care notes in an easy to read PDF form to ensure timely processing of your claim.   

Using LTC Insurance to supplement 24 hour round the clock care is common within our clients.  Many policyholders required more daily care than the policy will permit.  In these situations, the policy is used in conjunction with family funds to ensure proper coverage.  We thrive on trying to find the right levels of care to meet all aspect of each of our clients.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us so that our experience may assist you to find the perfect senior home care solution for you.