Hospice Care Services in New Orleans LA

Hospice is special care for a patient that is focused on providing as much support, comfort, and quality care in the final stages of life once a person has discontinued treatment. NOLA @ Home Care’s commitment and overall goal is to partner with your Hospice Care provider and set up a plan that can contribute to the highest levels of compassion.  One of those many benefits of Hospice care is that nurses and other medically trained staff will now come to the patient versus the patient traveling to a medical care facility. Our trained care professionals can provide the highest quality of care during their time of need.

We have worked alongside dozens of local hospice companies in the Greater New Orleans area.  Our caregivers can prepare meals, give medication reminders, light housekeeping, transportation, and companionship, as well as relieving family members.  We also provide 24 hour care and memory care.  A senior care team can come in for partial or full days, stay for an overnight shift, or we can be available for 24/7 in home care if needed.  Our home care services can be the ideal complement to hospice services.

According to recent studies, 7 in 10 Americans say they wish to be cared for at home at their end of life. When that time comes, Nola @ Home Care can help improve making the transition by providing skilled care professionals that will ensure dignity, kindness, and comfort during this stage of life.  Having a great caregiver or team of senior care professionals at home during this time of need can bring much comfort to the family. Our company will work alongside of your hospice company as we want to ensure that our caregivers are focusing on the client and not the disease or terminal illness. We are there to take care of the client and make matters easier to deal with the terminal illness. Whether you or your family member want to spend their last days in the home, hospital, or a medical facility, NOLA @ Home Care can accommodate.

As we do with every client, we will strive to keep consistency with the care professional or team of care professionals.  We value the importance of consistency to be able to meet the specific needs of your loved one.

What is the difference between Hospice and Palliative Care?

Both Hospice and Palliative Care are designed to provide comfort to the patient.  Palliative Care will support the patient in pain management as well as emotional/spiritual support.  Palliative Care begins at the time of diagnosis and while you and your medical team are actively treating the illness.  Hospice Care generally begins when treatment of the illness has discontinued.

Will Insurance pay for Hospice Care?

In most scenarios Hospice is covered by Medicare/Medicaid or your private insurance.

Can Nola @ Home Care assist us with sourcing a Hospice Company?

We work alongside many hospice providers throughout the New Orleans and Metairie area.  Our staff can make an introduction to ensure you receive the best hospice care our area has to offer.  Your physician will also be part of the implementation of Hospice services.

Hospice Support is a valuable service but not always an easy decision for families to make.  NOLA @ Home Care is very family oriented and believes that caring for you or your loved one should become priority.  Having a great Hospice support team and a strong caregiver(s) with us can provide you and your family more time to spend with each other and to make the most out of the time you have together.