Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in New Orleans, Louisiana

We at Nola @ Home Care understand the challenges faced by families of loved ones with long-term diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, and other age-related memory loss.  Our Metairie based Senior Care Services company exists today because our family was impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease. We have experience navigating a wide variety of illnesses and understand that person-centered care and great communication are critical to ensuring a successful home care experience. 

Our Memory Care Plan

Person-centered care is establishing a care plan that is centered on the specifics of the client.  Our goal is always to co-author the care plan with the family to ensure the highest standards of personalized in-home senior care.  We gather this information through our home care assessment process.  During a memory care assessment, several members of our office staff will come out to the home, hospital or facility.  This is our opportunity learn the client’s needs, expectation of care, what has been successful in the past and what we should expect in the future.  We will also use this time to begin building rapport and a relationship with the client and/or family.

During our assessment this is also a time where we can share some best practices that we have learned over the years with our families.  Our company has worked with hundreds of families that are navigating a variety of degrees of memory care. Members of our office staff have also worked inside of memory care facilities so we can assist you with a wide variety of solutions.  Our goal is to find you the care that you need and help make your loved one as comfortable as possible during this journey. 

Why Choose NOLA @ Home Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care?

  • The most qualified Care Professionals. Our handpicked caregivers are experienced in Alzheimer’s and dementia care and will walk beside you and your loved one every step of the way.
  • A customized care plan and activity plan. Our plans are co-authored with your family after careful analysis of your loved one’s abilities, interests, health needs and cognitive function.  The details of the plan can range from day-to-day activity to nutritional support to help slow the progression of memory loss.  These plans are revisited and updated regularly.  
  • Family support. NOLA @ Home Care goes beyond simply providing caregivers. We also support family members in their care journey with their loved one by providing information and tips on dementia care as well as connections to local resources that may be of help. We are thankful to have helped a countless number of families in the greater New Orleans area navigate unique situations involving not only in-home Senior Care services but also offer guidance with Home Health and Hospice/Respite care services.
  • A flexible approach. We support and guide family members in providing as much or as little caregiving support as desired, when and where you need it. Caring for an elderly loved one can be a short or long term commitment and our flexibility can allow us to support your family's unique senior care needs.
  • In Facility Care.  The majority of the clients we serve are continuing to live in their home.  However, it is not uncommon for us to stay with individuals or couples that have just transitioned into an Assisted Living facility.  We have relationships with a wide variety of facilities in the Greater New Orleans area and will gladly provide services both short and long-term. 
  • Technology.  NOLA @ Home Care uses the latest technology to create a care plan for each client that is tailored to their needs and adapts to needs as changes occur.  This also allows us to communicate changes to the care plans instantly with our care professionals. 
  • Service Area.  We cover a large area in Greater New Orleans, including the Parishes of Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Bernard.  Our sister location services the Greater Baton Rouge Area.

In addition to great service our company is committed to fighting the battle against Alzheimer’s.  Our commitment starts at our ownership level.  Brian Flaherty has been an active part of the Alzheimer's Association since before the company existed.  He has held several committee leadership roles, served as the Annual Walk Chairperson and as a Congressional Ambassador.  He is currently the longest standing member of the New Orleans walk committee and will continue his efforts to support the Alzheimer’s Association for many years to come.