Summer Fun for Seniors

Summer is officially in full swing, even though the sizzling temperatures have long preceded the season’s official arrival.  With the heat index soaring into the triple digits and humidity so thick that it hits you like a brick, some people may feel trapped indoors, with little to do to pass the time.  Furthermore, the daylight hours have reached their peak length, making it feel as though the days may never end.  For some, this is great news, but for many seniors, their days are spent retreating indoors to beat the heat.

Though your agenda may look a bit different than those carefree childhood summer days, there’s still a great deal of fun to be had!  Here are a few summer activities that you can incorporate into your schedule.  Many of the suggestions are indoor options, keeping you out of the heat, altogether.  As for the outdoor activities, we suggest you try to schedule them early in the morning or late in the evening.  If neither time is an option, then properly prepare and plan for the heat, seek shade, dress accordingly, and properly hydrate.

Outdoor Activities

Gone Fishing!

Rise with the sun, grab a pole, and head out to your favorite little honey hole!  Before the temperatures peak and the heat becomes unbearable, cast a line, and relax in the great outdoors.  Spending time outdoors, on the water, can actually help to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety, along with many other health benefits.  As an added perk, if your fishing trip is a success, you can serve up a heart healthy serving of fish for dinner!

Picnic in a Park

Pack a basket filled with savory cheeses, cured meats, and your favorite treats, along with a thermos full of sweet tea or some refreshing cucumber-infused water and head to a scenic location.  Try one of the state parks, where you can spread out a picnic blanket under the shade of a majestic oak.  If the heat is still too much to bear during the middle of the day, opt for an evening picnic and watch the sunset over Lake Pontchartrain of the Tchefuncte river.  Most parks also offer picnic tables for public use, if getting up and down from the ground isn’t a realistic option.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Grab tickets to a local sporting event or head over to the neighborhood ballpark to catch your grandkid’s little league game.  No matter the level of skill, you’ll have a great time rooting for the home team!  Opt for an indoor sport, if possible, to avoid the heat.  If an outdoor event is the only option, choose an early morning or late evening game; find a shady spot, bring a handheld fan, and drink plenty of water!

Make a Splash!

Swimming is one of the best ways to beat the heat during the dog days of summer.  Find a shady swimming hole and take a dip to prevent overheating.  Additionally, you can try swimming laps or doing water aerobics for a low impact exercise.  Be sure to properly sunscreen and stay hydrated; even though you may feel nice and cool in the pool, you still need to take proper precautions and limit your outdoor time.

Community Events

Whether it’s a Saturday morning farmer’s market, Friday night concert, 4th of July picnic, or a local festival, there’s usually a community event on the calendar.  Take a look at local events in your area and decide which ones may be appealing to you.

Indoor Activities

Visit a museum

Louisiana is a state rich in culture, history, agriculture, and artistic contributions, among other things.  There’s no better way to learn about all that the Bayou State has to offer than by visiting one of its many museums.  From the National WWII Museum to the Mardi Gras Museum to the Abita Mystery House, and everything in between, there’s truly something for everyone.

Treat Yourself

A heart-healthy, well-balanced diet is recommended for everyone, regardless of their age.  However, a little treat, occasionally, can make for a special outing.  Rendezvous with a friend or a loved one to grab a snowball, root beer float, beignets, or other tasty treat.

Show Time!

Grab tickets for a local production or head to the theater to see a movie.  Either will provide hours of entertainment in the comfort of a nice cool building.  Check your local cinema for matinee specials to make your outing affordable.  Likewise, you can enjoy a play at a community theater or high school to avoid high ticket prices.

Choose a few activities and throw them into the mix to break up your regular routine.  There are endless options out there; think outside of the box to find something that matches your budget, interests, and ability level.