Senior Citizen Population in Louisiana

According to World Population Review, Louisiana’s population has steadily increased over the past decade, reaching over 4.6 million in 2020, an annual rise of 0.75%.  Louisiana has also recorded an uptick in the senior population, with its median age surpassing the national average. According to a recent report, nearly 35% of Louisiana’s population is above 50 years of age and about 15% over 65. In turn, this prompts more resources and economic development to be shifted towards the needs of older adults.

Senior Citizen Population By Parish (Top 10)

***All statistics derived from US Census Quick Facts as of 2019***

East Baton Rouge Parish – Total population: 440,059.  Senior Citizen Population: 14.6% (64,248 total).

Jefferson Parish – Total population: 432,493.  Senior Citizen Population: 17.7% (76,551 total).

Orleans Parish – Total population: 390,144.  Senior Citizen Population: 15.6% (60,862 total).

St. Tammany Parish – Total population: 260,419.  Senior Citizen Population: 17.5% (45,573 total).

Lafayette Parish – Total population: 244,390.  Senior Citizen Population: 13.8% (33,725 total).

Cado Parish – Total population: 240,204.  Senior Citizen Population: 17.7% (42,516 total).

Calcasieu Parish – Total population: 203,436.  Senior Citizen Population: 15.2% (30,922 total).

Ouachita Parish – Total population: 153,279.  Senior Citizen Population: 15.3% (23,451 total).

Livingston Parish – Total population: 140,789.  Senior Citizen Population: 13.3% (18,724 total).

Tangipahoa Parish – Total population: 134,758.  Senior Citizen Population: 14.9% (20,078 total).

Louisiana Senior Care Costs and Statistics

Louisiana stands out as one of the most affordable states to retire, with expectant senior care costs of approximately $3,218 – well below the national average by nearly $1,000 comparing to other states averaging $4,200. Louisiana has over 70 independent living facilities, 190 assisted living facilities, and more than 600 senior care providers, as reported by Senior Directory.

State Programs for Seniors

Louisiana offers two primary resources and programs for seniors, which include:

  • PACE or Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly is a federal program covering a multitude of services through Medicare or Medicaid. PACE is customizable to an individual’s needs and accommodates those preferring home care vs. senior housing.
  • Louisiana Community Choice Waiver is a state program where the recipient receives a budget based on acuity to create an individual service package for various services, including a skilled nursing assessment, home monitoring systems, home delivery services, etc.

Louisiana Tax Benefits for Seniors

Louisiana is also attractive to seniors due to additional tax benefits. For instance, it has the third-lowest property taxes in the country, and individuals over 65 get a tax freeze on their primary residence. The state also does not tax social security income or public pension.

Life Expectancy for Louisiana Residents

We are thankful to report nationally our senior population continues to live longer.  However, Louisiana residents rank 47th in the nation according to a 2019 study conducted by with an average life expectancy at 76 years old.  Heart Disease and Cancer are the 2 leading causes of death.

Memory Care concerns such as Alzheimer’s Disease are on a steady rise also.  Many of these health challenges within our senior community can be mitigated through activity, diet, and earlier detection.