Mothers Day Grandma

How To Spend Mother’s Day With Grandma In New Orleans

It seems like Grandma is always cooking and hosting on Mother’s Day, doing everything she can to create memorable moments. Why not do something special for her? Below are our ideal Mother’s Day suggestions in sequential order from morning to evening. We hope this article prompts you to take action and start your planning today. …

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A Memorable Mother’s Day

Through the picture-perfect lens of a Hallmark movie, Mother’s Day may look something like this:  The car pulls into the driveway after returning home from Sunday Mass.  The kids excitedly jump out of the car, still dressed in their Sunday’s best, and run straight upstairs to quickly change into their swimsuits.  Mom is helping Grandma …

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Seniors Grieve Differently

At any age, grief can be an extremely difficult and isolating road to travel.  There’s no map, no guidebook, no ETA, and no exact destination to navigate.  The course is different for each individual, and the only guarantee is that there will certainly be bumps along the way. While grief is most often associated with …

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Self-Care for Caregivers

There often comes a time in your life where we may need to fulfill the role of “caregiver” for a loved one.  Sometimes this is expected, giving you time to plan and prepare for the role, while other times the need arises overnight.  For instance, a loved one may experience a life changing injury, illness, …

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10 Tips to Help Seniors Relax

Beginning at age 65, we enter what has long been known as “The Golden Years”.  Hypothetically speaking, this is a time to relax, try new hobbies, travel, freely enjoy your leisure time, and possibly even retire on the sunny beaches of Florida, without a worry in the world.  However, this is not the reality for …

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Grandparenting, From A Distance 

Now, more than ever before, young adults are moving away from their hometowns, seeking opportunities to further their education, careers, and relationships, among other things.  While these moves are often intended to be part of a short-term plan, it’s not uncommon for them to turn into a permanent move.  You may send your child to …

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