Mothers Day Grandma

How To Spend Mother’s Day With Grandma In New Orleans

It seems like Grandma is always cooking and hosting on Mother’s Day, doing everything she can to create memorable moments. Why not do something special for her? Below are our ideal Mother’s Day suggestions in sequential order from morning to evening. We hope this article prompts you to take action and start your planning today. If you want home care services in greater New Orleans, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are glad to provide you with a free home care assessment. 

French Quarter Brunch

New Orleans has a wide variety of brunch choices that Grandma and the family can indulge in and experience with tasty selections ranging from beignets, eggs, and toast to sweet or savory unique New Orleans flavors. Grandma can start the day with a healthy breakfast with the family at a cozy cafe or upscale bistro. We recommend the following restaurants.

Ruby Slipper


Cafe Envie

Stanley of New Orleans

Mississippi River Boat Cruise

An enjoyable way for Grandma to spend Mother’s Day and explore New Orleans's natural beauty could be a pleasant cruise down America's great Mississippi River. Take Grandma on a journey cruise where you all can experience breathtaking views of lush forests, and rolling hills, to vibrant cities and small towns. Provide an unforgettable experience that Grandma will remember and appreciate.

Farmer’s Market New Orleans 

A highly recommended afternoon activity that Grandma will admire is visiting some of New Orleans' many local Farmer's Markets—an excellent opportunity to shop and explore the vibrant culture, distinctive tastes, and southern cuisines. Filled with everything from fresh, locally grown produce to handmade jewelry and art, you will surely find something that will satisfy your taste and expectations. 

Coffee Break

A great way for Grandma and the family to experience the unique and historical essence of New Orleans is to sit and indulge in one of the many flavorful coffee shops. From cozy cafes to chic espresso bars, New Orleans is the home to a coffee lover's paradise. From classic shops with locally roasted beans to cozy cafes with modern roasters, the flavor can effectively satisfy your taste buds. 

Rooftop Supper

Experience with Grandma some of the best rooftop dining in the country with tasteful cuisine and historical viewing of the Big Easy. From chic bistros to traditional southern variety, New Orleans offers plenty of rooftop restaurants with breathtaking city skyline views and beyond. Best known for its charming jambalaya to cajun and gumbo, rooftop dining will be an experience Grandma will never forget. Here are some recommendations…




​​We hope this article helps inspire some ideas for you to share with your family so that you can plan an unforgettable Mother’s Day with Grandma. There are countless memorable moments in New Orleans to experience for various interests.  If you want home care services in greater New Orleans, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are glad to provide you with a free home care assessment.  We also work with a recommended home care agency if your elderly loved one needs senior care services in Baton Rouge, LA.