Encouraging Activities to Boost Self Confidence in Seniors

Self-confidence can often be the driving force in your mental (and physical) well-being.  As you begin to age, some of the activities you previously engaged in are either no longer accessible or practical, leaving you with a void, or empty feeling.  Additionally, health issues may arise that cause your self-confidence to decrease while negative feelings increase.  This vicious cycle can leave you feeling down and blue, potentially even leading to depression.  If at any time you feel as though you are experiencing anxiety and depression, immediately contact your health care provider to receive professional help and guidance.

In order to prevent these feelings from gradually creeping in, there are many activities you can engage in that help build self-confidence, leaving you feeling joyful and successful.  Spend a little time each day on self-care and address and make your happiness a priority as you age.  Not only will it leave you feeling much happier, but it will also have a domino effect on those around you!  Here are a few lifestyle adjustments you can implement to give your self-esteem a boost.



Share your time and your talents!  Go out in your community and find a worthwhile cause where you can contribute your time, making a positive impact on those in need.  The benefits are two-fold, because not only will you be helping others, but you’ll also experience a sense of self-achievement.  This is also the perfect opportunity to meet other people, form new relationships, and socialize in a positive setting.

If volunteering in your community is something that interests you, check your local library, hospital, food bank, or churches for an opportunity that meets your needs.  Your local community center may also be able to connect you with charity events or volunteer opportunities within your community.


Goal Setting

Everyone loves to feel successful and accomplished.  There’s no better way to experience these feelings than by reaching a goal that you’re working towards.   The idea here is to create obtainable, reasonable goals that motivate you to push forward and better yourself.  If you already have a hobby or area of interest, build upon it, in small steps when setting goals.  For instance, if you thoroughly enjoy painting, make it a goal to paint for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.  If golf is your favorite pastime, set a goal to walk the course once a week instead of using the cart, or to improve your score over a given period of time.

If you don’t have a given hobby or talent that you’re particularly fond of, make it your goal to try new things until you find your niche.  The options are endless, but some suggestions may include, salsa dancing, water aerobics, reading or journaling, cooking/baking, gardening, etc.  Try out an activity that may interest you and go from there!


Eat Healthy and Stay Active

Nutrition and exercise play a vital role in your overall well-being.  The old adage, “you are what you eat” carries a great deal of weight (pun intended).  A nutrient-dense diet filled with lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains properly feeds your body, enhances your organ function, and improves your overall health.  A proper diet is also a very heart healthy way to start your day.  You’re left feeling more energetic and ready to take on the day.  When paired with daily exercise, you’ll see a boost in self-confidence and your mental and physical well-being.  As an added perk, you may even see changes in your physical appearance as well.


Practice Good Hygiene and Dress for Success

On the topic of physical appearance, don’t discount the importance that proper hygiene and a polished look have towards your overall self-confidence.  Daily grooming, including a fresh shave, a new haircut, and a nice warm shower or bath can leave you feeling rejuvenated!  Good hygiene is also critical towards your physical health.  It can help prevent certain infections, diseases, and illnesses that determine the quality of your day to day physical and mental health.

Some people believe that as they age, they must conform to a certain style.  However, an appreciation of style and fashion does not have to be dismissed just because you’re aging.  Pick a wardrobe that is comfortable, but also one that reflects your personality.  Choose pieces that make you feel good about yourself and leave you feeling confident.  If you like color, don’t shy away and settle into a drab color palette; fill your closet with every color of the rainbow it leaves you feeling cheerful!



Surround yourself with people that you enjoy spending time with.  Lean on family and friends when times are tough and allow them to remind you of all of the good you have in your life.  If you don’t have a lot of close friends, use volunteer opportunities, book clubs, workout groups, and other social circles to help you expand your relationships.  Stay in touch with old friends and reach out to new friends.  Meaningful connections give you a self-esteem boost and leave you feeling confident and well loved!